Development Management

Gem’s Hotel Development Management Services provides information necessary to offer a perspective and direction to the landowner-developer for their decision making.

An initial economic feasibility study and business plan are created to outline a roadmap reflecting recommendations on branding and management style (self-manage, franchise, or branded operator). Gem’s interests are aligned with the developer in the pursuit to realize the best investment returns quickly and efficiently.

Based on decisions emerging from the above study, Gem can provide leadership support during the execution, development and commissioning period including creating and implementing financial and operational budgets, selection of consultants, assistance in the negotiation of contracts, and development advisory services during construction and commissioning of the hotel. 

  • Initial market study and feasibility analysis,
  • Project scope and branding studies,
  • Financial modeling and returns analysis,
  • Operator selection and HMA, franchise or lease negotiations,
  • Pre-opening activity monitoring and management,
  • Project development advisory; assistance with engaging professional consultants, contract evaluation and monitoring of progress,
  • Assistance with bank financing arrangements, capital structure evaluation, and fund-raising support.